There is no such thing as bad weather just poor choice of glass protection


In South east Queensland we are fortunate to enjoy a long summer filled with hot balmy days and long warm nights perfect for dining and entertaining with friends.
These hot and humid days lay the platform for vicious and violent storms that create life threatening incidents and untold damage to our homes and properties.
Traditionally Queenslanders have secured only the opening sections of their windows and doors leaving the fixed glass panels vulnerable to attack by criminals or projectiles and hail stones.
These intense and often short lived storms bring massive winds, torrential rain and hail the size of golf balls.
Glass is often smashed leaving the home open to torrents of rain flooding the home and, at best, water damaged.
The combination of cyclonic winds and hail will smash glass with large shafts of glass flying dangerously across rooms putting families at risk of injury .
A recent storm the residents of Highgate Hill and Annerley endured we saw shards of glass embedded in a plaster wall 3metres from the window.
At Alcom Security we recommend Crimsafe screens and doors to the opening sections of windows and doors and 3M Security films to the fixed panels.
Crimsafe patented screens are designed to be tough to handle anything the storms in Brisbane can throw at them.
The screw clamped .9 mm high tensile Stainless steel woven mesh is the secret to the superior strength of Crimsafe.
Tested by the University of NSW at the Australian defence force academy in Canberra and University of Queensland Crimsafe has been proven to withstand 750 joules of impact that put simply equates to 7.5 times the Australian standard for security screens and doors.
Crimsafe- the toughest security in Brisbane.
3M first invented security film over 50 years ago to protect residents in England from IRA bombings but not from the bombs themselves but the the flying shards of glass that was wounding or killing families.
Improvements to the security films has seen the introduction of multi-layered films.
The layering of the security film increases the strength and tear resistance with each layer being flexible. This allows the film to stretch ever so slightly when the glass is smashed to prevent tearing.
The security film is adhered to the glass by an adhesive called VHB that stands for very high bond. This means the film and glass are bonded to become one not to be separated.
The security film comes in a clear film so as to not change the general appearance of the glass whilst reducing the rays by up to 99%. This will prevent fading to furnishings, paintings and carpets.
Should sun and heat protection be required the security film also comes in a range of tints. These tints will reject up to 63% of heat, 73% of glare whilst still providing natural light.
Regular tint film to match the security film is available for the sliding panel behind the Crimsafe screen or door.
So with the complete glass protection with both Crimsafe and 3M security films you can now relax and enjoy the natural wonder of the extreme Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast storms.