Stay safe, secure, and looking good with Crimsafe doors, windows & enclosures.

Benefits of Crimsafe

Strong, engineered, & customisable to match your colour scheme.

Ensuring child safety by preventing window falls.

Customisable solutions for your home and lifestyle.

Strong mesh security screens for family protection against intruders.

Exceeding Australian Security Standards.

Custom-design, custom-made steel grille and corrosion resistant.

Addional Benefits

Securely enjoy fresh air and ventalation.

Experience open space & unobstructed views.

Crimsafe’s Tensile Tuff® mesh blocks solar heat and UV rays, improving home energy efficiency.

Safeguard your family and home from flies and unwanted guests.

Crimsafe provides the highest level of protection from ember atack.

Crimsafe offers enhanced storm protection, safeguarding against hail and debris.

Crimsafe Doors, Windows and Enclosures offers the highest level of protection for you, your family or office environment. Have peace of mind knowing your spaces are protected and benefit from increased ventalation, unrestricted views and energy efficiencies.

Security screens are also a really attractive option and can be customised to suit the interior and exterior of your building.

Whether for your windows, doors, enclosures, bifolds, sliders, and more, Crimsafe Security Screens installed by our expert team is the first choice for anyone seeking effecve and long-lasng results.

Keeping you safe in more ways than one.

Safe escape

Allows for an easy exit in the event of fire without the need to find a key.

We’ve partnered Crimsafe to ensure that all windows and doors can perform, if requested, as fire exits without the need to locate a key.

Superior Strength against impact

All Crimsafe products exceed Australian standards of 500 joules of impact.

Crimsafe Ultimate withstands up to 750 joules of impact.* Crimsafe Classic withstands up to 550 joules of impact.*

Exceeding Australian safety standards

Australian made, Crimsafe Security Screens exceed Australian security standards and are the most trusted on the market. 

Developed over 25 years of protecting you and your loved ones. 

Crimsafe screens look great and stay strong for longer

The Knife Shear Test

All Crimsafe screens easily pass the Australian Standard Knife Shear Test, because all Crimsafe screens come equipped with their unique Tensile-Tuff® stainless steel mesh. Tensile-Tuff® mesh is 26.5% thicker than typical stainless steel mesh and leads the industry.

The knife shear test uses a heavy duty trimming knife, pulled along the mesh with a force of up to 350N (35kg) and a constant downward pressure of 150N (15kg) for a distance of 250mm.

The test is performed three times along the same line with a new blade fitted each time. In order to achieve a pass the mesh must not be penetrated in a continuous line for more than 150mm.

The Jemmy Test

All Crimsafe products meet Australian Standards in every section of the lever attack or jemmy test.

The Australian Standard requires a rotational force of up to 450N (45kg) to be applied and held for 20 seconds at all locking, hinging and fastening points around your security screen.

A large screwdriver is inserted at these points and mechanically rotated until either the force required or 80° rotation has been achieved. A security screen door must remain securely locked and a window security screen must remain securely fastened to the window that it is covering to achieve a pass.

The Salt Spray Test

Over me, some steel security screens can be overcome by the demands of coastal or harsh environments, sacrificing both their protecve strength and the aesthecs of your property.

Crimsafe screens have passed corrosion tests above and beyond normal industry standards. 

Crimsafe screens passed the Australian Standard Salt Spray Test (AS 2331.3.1), and an even more rigerous Prohesion Accelerated Test (ATSM G85) where other screens have failed.

Crimsafe also exceeded across

The Pull Test

Simulates an intruders attempt to pull at the security screen either at the bottom, middle, side or top of the screen. The test also assesses the integrity and fixing of the mesh into the screen frame.

The Balustrade Test

Requires an infill panel to be subjected to a load test, replicating outward and inward pressure onto a balustrade infill panel.

Crimsafe panel exceeded the test requirement of 1.4 tonnes, withstanding a massive 4.2 tonne load.

The UV Light Test

The UV light test uses an UV spectrophotometer to measure the intensity of light. The intensity is measured before and after it is passed through a sample of Tensile-Tuff® mesh.

Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff® security mesh was found to filter 62% of UV radiation.

The Airflow Test

Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff® security mesh was tested in a custom designed wind tunnel to measure the flow of air exiting the screen.

Crimsafe screens allow on average 53% airflow, which is much better than standard insect mesh.

Cyclone Debris Test

Crimsafe helps protect your home against hail and wind-borne debris.

A wide range of Crimsafe products are approved for use in Cyclone regions C & D, including Crimsafe doors, windows and Crimsafe Safe- S-Capes®.

Crimsafe Cyclone Debris Screens pass the highest levels required for regions C & D, withstanding impact up to 44 m/s.

The Ember Aack Test

The Australian Standard (AS3959-2009) requires screens which cover openings to be made of corrosion resistant steel, with an aperture size that will not allow a circular probe of 2mm diameter to pass through.

Crimsafe can protect your home across all Bushfire Aack Levels up to and including BAL-FZ.

The Insect Resistant Test

Crimsafe security mesh has been tested specifically for its effecveness at stopping of dengue fever mosquitos
(gedes aegypti).

Hundreds of mosquitoes were trapped in between the mesh which was then le up to 72 hours before the tesng was concluded.

Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff® security mesh prevented 99% of the mosquitos from passing through.

The Solar Heat Gain Test

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) is the measure of how well a window blocks heat caused by sunlight.

Crimsafe Security Screens were found to improve the energy efficiency of a window by up to 53%.

When Crimsafe is applied over a 3mm generic single glazed window the cooling efficiency of the window increases from zero stars to a 3 Star cooling rating.

Completely Secure Your Home with Alcom + Crimsafe

Crimsafe Doors

Crimsafe doors allow your home better security. Their renowned stainless steel mesh makes it almost impossible to penetrate, so you can feel safe at home and confident when you leave.

In the warmer months Crimsafe doors allow you to let the breeze flow through your home without any bugs or nasties.

And best of all, when we supply your aluminum or steel frame, we’ll ensure it’s anodised or powder coated to suit your spaces colour scheme.

As experienced Crimsafe Installers we can install on hinged screen doors, sliding screen doors, bi-fold doors, stacking doors and even French doors.

Crimsafe Windows

Whether you have fixed windows, hinged windows, or single, double, or triple sliding windows, we can fit them with Crimsafe security mesh. Our team are able to retrofit the mesh to exisng window security screens or we can provide and install a new customisable frame too. Crimsafe windows allow you to confidently leave your windows open for open air flow, they also provide a barrier against debris or hail in storms. When we provide you with a new window frame, we’ll ensure it’s anodised or powder coated to suit your space nicely.

Crimsafe Enclosures

Crimsafe security enclosures are made to measurement. So, they fit your space perfectly. These security enclosures are perfect for creating new spaces or improving exisng spaces.

Our skilled Crimsafe installers can incorporate hinged, bi-fold, or sliding doors into your enclosure as well.

Enclosures can extend from floor to ceiling.

Leave your enclosure open on warm days with no hesitation about intruders and open up your spaces much more effectively.

The Crimsafe Difference

Crimsafe has been proudly protecting Australian homes and businesses for 25 years. Their innovation and commitment to keeping Australian families safe means they’re constantly innovating to achieve new standards within the industry.

Crimsafe market leading screens exceed Australian standards and because of this unparalleled level of safety, Alcom Tint + Security has made the conscious decision to use only use Crimsafe products.

Combining Crimsafes unparalleled products with our extensive installation experience, you can feel confident and safe in your spaces for years to come.
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