Benefits of installing 3M tint film on the Sunshine Coast


Homeowners love the airy, bright feeling of having plenty of windows to bring natural light. It is unhealthy and depressing to be closed in a dark stuffy room without being able to enjoy some natural light. Windows create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere that puts you at ease and allows you to enjoy your view of the garden or pool area. That is an environment we strive to achieve, however,it does have some disadvantages. The incoming light causes unwanted glare, generates significant heat and damaging u.v rays. Installing 3M tint films on the Gold Coast can be tremendously helpful.
3M tint films keep you cool.
Unfortunately with plenty of light there comes plenty of heat and that’s not cool. Installing 3M tint films will reduce significant heat and , in some instances ,by up to 73% .That is something everyone would appreciate, especially through the spring and summer months.
3M tint films block U.V rays
Installing 3M tint films will reduce the u.v rays by up to 99.9% avoiding the need to have costly blockout curtains installed only for the sun to destroy and creating a depressive atmosphere. It is the ultra violet rays that damages our furniture, fades our flooring and ruins our precious photos and paintings.
3M tint films reduce glare whilst providing natural light.
The installation of 3M tint film films can reduce the glare by up to 83% whilst still providing natural light. This glare often forces homeowners to close curtains and shut themselves off from the world. Our favourite Netflix show or sporting event may not be enjoyed as much due to irritation of the exposure of glare on the television screen. Incidentally, the television screen itself will have several 3M products as part of it’s construction. Throw away your sun glasses when you install 3M tint film.
3M tint films will save you money.
Most residential homeowners that install 3M tint films can expect to save significant amounts on their electric bills each month of each year especially in Queensland as we operate our air conditioners considerably more than other states of Australia.
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