The Alcom Tint & Security experience: What can you expect?


How can we help you?

One of the most important aspects is to understand how we at Alcom Tint & Security can meet our customer’s expectations.  

Whether it be Logan, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast, Alcom Tint & Security representatives are knowledgeable, easy to talk to and care about our customer’s needs.  

On average, a customer who has had a good experience will tell 9 people about their experience versus telling 16 people about a negative one. A customer who has had a positive experience is less likely to go elsewhere when looking for similar services in the future.

Building confidence and trust for Alcom Tint & Security customers is key to ensuring that we not only meet their expectations, but we exceed them.

Each home we help to enhance with quality 3M tint and security films, we look to personalise the experience throughout the entire customer journey.  This starts with our very first call or meeting and continues through the consultation, negotiation, and the installation processes. As no two customers are alike, Alcom Tint & Security aims to provide a service experience that is tailored around our customer.

Quality customer service

Alcom Tint & Security customers want to see that we care about their film needs as well as how the 3M tint and security film can enhance their homes. By focusing on customers and their needs, we continue to assist customers to improve their security and enhance the comfort of their homes for 27 years.

By being authentic and genuine in our interactions, and most importantly, human, we empower our team members to assist our customers in a way that exceeds their expectations.

Up-to-date knowledge

Customers want to interact with people who can answer their questions quickly and correctly, to give them the information they need to make their decision without hesitation.  In addition, by giving customers an increased knowledge of the 3M tint and security Films, we help them to help themselves.  Most customers want to be secure in the knowledge that they have all the information on the best film for their situation.

Films and services that perform well and do what they are meant to do.

This customer expectation is the most basic: knowing that when our customers enhance their homes with the 3M tint and/or security film, it will perform in the manner they expect and have the benefits and functions, as explained during our consultation.

When customers choose to upgrade their homes to 3M films, they expect that they will receive the exact film and performance they purchased. So, if that film or service requires attention, it follows that the customer will also expect that we will respond rapidly and with consideration and consistency to the customer’s needs.  

The team at Alcom Tint & Security aims to ensure that our customers are kept informed at every step of their journey when they choose to add the 3M range of quality films to their homes. We endeavour to offer a friendly consultation process, consideration to providing an effective and efficient installation process and a commitment to continued service. 

Keeping it real

There is a level of anticipation and excitement that comes with your installation date.  You have waited for this day and you are keen to see how amazing your new 3M film will look in your home.

When the Alcom Tint & Security professional arrives at your home, they will walk you through the installation process and ask you to guide them through so that they can familiarise themselves with the areas they will be working in.  Once the walk through is completed, it is time for you to relax and for our installer to commence. To minimise the risk of small inclusions onto the film, we ask that the installer work in an area to themselves and that pets etc be excluded from the area during the process. You may feel tempted to observe the entire process, but we would encourage you to just go about your day as normal and that way, once we have completed the area, you can see the full amazing effect without obstructions.

Once complete, our installer will guide you through the care process and explain what you can expect in the weeks following the 3M film application to your windows.  For example, it is quite normal to see a few bubbles on your film, but these will dissipate during the curing process.  

You may be tempted to touch the film, clean it, or push out any bubbles you see but we ask that you let the film cure on its own to ensure that no accidental damage occurs. Our friendly consultants will return within 45-60 days of your installation to inspect the application at which time, they will also be able to answer any questions you may still have or chat to them about how the new film is enhancing the comfort and security of your home.
If you’re interested in learning more about 3M films for your home or business, please reach out to our team. We look forward to helping you achieve greater comfort and style in your space.