Exceptional performance, climate control and beautiful aesthetics with 3M Tint Film

Benefits of tint window film

Reduce UV & glare by up to 99.9%

Cut energy costs and reduce heat by up to 78%

Improve comfort, character and style

Enhance privacy

Strengthen security

Protect furnishings against fading

Enhance security and privacy, reduce energy costs and keep your home cooler with 3M window tint films.

3M’s market-leading tint films are the smart way to resolve a multitude of problems. They offer solutions to blocking heat, glare and harmful UV rays, moderate and maintain the temperature of your home, provide cost-effective and attractive methods of deterring outside threats, as well as offering ways to enhance privacy whilst creating an attractive aesthetic.

Whether it be to reduce energy costs and keep your home cooler, improve home security or increase privacy, 3M window tinting films have the answer.

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Common applications

Eastern or western-facing rooms

Foyers and Entry spaces

Bathroom windows

Glass doors

Living and Entertaining areas


Reject glare by day, enjoy beautiful views by night.

Night Vision offers the best of both worlds, allowing 15-30% of natural light to flow through by day while offering low interior reflectivity that won’t interfere with your night-time views. With 3M Night Vision Window Films you get the exceptional performance of a reflective film while still being able to look through the film at night.

Block heat and glare from your home or office

Enjoy crystal clear night-time views

Cut energy costs and
reduce heat by up to 78%

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When it comes to window film, high-quality outcomes stem from high-quality products.

3M is the global leader in window film, having first invented tint film in 1966. Renowned for their commitment to quality, innovation and durability, Alcom Tint + Security has made the conscious decision to use only 3M films across every project – regardless of size or application. 

Combining 3M’s market-leading window films with our extensive experience installing it, you can feel confident that the exceptional outcomes for your home or business will last for years to come.


Easy to clean


Beautiful results

Lifetime Warranty

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