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Alcom Tint + Security is your local Platinum installer of 3M window films, delivering a personalised approach to a range of glass film and tinting solutions. With over a quarter of a century in business and extensive experience installing 3M films across South-East Queensland, our team has established a reputation for our efficiency, market-leading solutions and commitment to exceeding expectations.

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When it comes to window film, high-quality outcomes stem from high-quality products.

3M is the global leader in window film, having first invented tint film in 1966. Renowned for their commitment to quality, innovation and durability, Alcom Tint + Security has made the conscious decision to use only 3M films across every project – regardless of size or application. 

Combining 3M’s market-leading window films with our extensive experience installing it, you can feel confident that the exceptional outcomes for your home or business will last for years to come.


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Your 3M Film FAQs

Yes, 3M Film can do on clear glass, tinted glass or frosted glass. However, with frosted glass we install on the flat side.
Yes, 3M Thinsulate will help you stay warm in the winter & keep the heat out in summer. It helps provide increased insulation, much like upgrading a single pane window to a double pane window.
3M Night Vision film will give you clarity by day and clarity by night, and allow you to see out both night and day.
No, the ultraviolet (UV) Protection that 3M uses in the proprietary adhesive system is indefinite. It does not lose its effectiveness over time. In fact, 3M tested an actual glass same from the Dumbarton House, Washington DC. This was a 10-year-old application and the ultraviolet transmissions still measured <1%.
Nothing stops fading completely. The 3M range of window films can reduce the UV rays by up to 99.9%. Which is a cause of fading. Other contributing factors are heat, visible light and other causes such as the chemical make-up and quality of the dyes used.
3M films are designed to reduce heat and glare whilst still applying a high level of natural light.
3M films must be installed by an accredited 3M installer. We have skilled and experienced film installers to uphold the quality and reputation of 3M as well as securing your Lifetime Warranty on both product and installation.
To keep your 3M Window Film clean, we recommend you use only a soft cloth or car chamois with mild detergent. Please do not clean your 3M Window Film with commercial glass cleaners such as Windex. These cleaners are strong alkaline solutions and may stain the film. Should you encounter stubborn stains or marks, gently rub off with methylated spirits and a soft tissue.

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