3M introduces Night Vision Tint and Security film to the Gold Coast


 Gold Coasters love to enjoy their views whether by day or night. Many are lucky enough to have beautiful sea/ hinterland views or magnificent vistas of high rises from the hinterland. They are extremely protective of these views, with good reason, and will not gamble by experimenting with inferior film products.

  3M invented tint film in 1966 and has led the way with innovation ever since. One of the latest additions to the extensive range  is the 3M Night vision films.

  Traditionally tint films have allowed very poor vision at night. 

  3M, a world leader in innovation and design , have once again led the way.

   3M Night Vision films have very high solar rejection statistics of up to 73%. Inferior films with these sort of numbers invariably change the appearance of the property and severely restrict valuable light.

  3M Night Vision films reduce the glare by up to 83% whilst still providing natural light.

  Night Vision gains its name by reducing the interior reflectivity and so in turn will give clearer views, especially at night.

  Even with the inside lights on you can still see at night allowing uninterrupted glowing views of the plethora of Gold Coast high rises  with their lights on.

  For further advice to reduce glare, heat and uv rays whilst retaining your unique Gold Coast views by day or night give us a call at Alcom Tint and Security on 5529 9929.