Tint film VS window blinds for a Gold Coast home


Many residents of the Gold Coast ask us for a solution to keeping the sun and its destructive elements at bay. On the Gold Coast we are lucky to have beautiful weather day after day with very few poor days in between.

That said we need to keep the heat, glare and the suns rays out of our homes.

Heat is the first and most evident element that we notice. Blinds are often chosen to keep the heat out, however, the heat has already penetrated the glass at this point. Due to the glare being reduced the perception is that the heat has been significantly reduced.

3M tint film installed by Alcom tint and security will reject up to 78% of the suns radiant heat before it enters the dwelling.

Tint v blinds to reduce glare.

Constant glare infiltrating your home creeps up on you annoying without you noticing it. The effects of glare can ruin your quiet afternoon watching your favourite show or a huge sporting event. These aspects force  Gold Coast homeowners to close the blinds hence shutting off the pleasant views of our garden or pool area.

The installation of 3M tint film by our professional technicians will retain your beautiful outlook  rejecting up to 83% of glare whilst providing natural light.

Uv rays are silent killer of our skin , furniture and flooring and are often neglected because we can’t see or feel the effects of them.

The installation of blinds will prevent the uv rays from penetrating deep into the home providing your blinds are shut and hence all light is now prevented from providing a healthy environment. The blinds ,however, are now being subjected to the uv rays and will deteriorate quickly and will not be covered by a warranty . The inevitable replacement of these blinds will be required adding further expense to the costly initial purchase.

The installation of 3M tint by Alcom tint and security will reduce the penetration of uv rays by up to 99.9% at the first point of entry- the glass.

On completion of the installation of 3M tint Alcom tint and security will provide you with a life time warranty from 3M giving you day after day peace of mind knowing the 3M tint will perform to protect your family and your property against the damaging effects of the suns elements.

So call the professionals at Alcom tint and security on….5529 9929