Accredited Solar and Security Film Installers Gold Coast


Alcom Tint and Security ,established in 1993, is dedicated to excel in all areas of glass protection.

As a 3M accredited film installation company we specialise in climate control in respect to glass.

3M, a Fortune 500 company, established in 1902 invented and patented tint film in 1966 and has led the world in the innovation and development of adhesives. They have a saying” we make stuff that sticks to stuff”.

A key component to the successful installation of the film is the adhesive. The adhesives are u.v stabilised and tested to last so much so that 3M back the tint/ security  films with a lifetime warranty.

Equally important to the product is the installation. Alcom Tint and Security’s installation technicians will painstakingly prepare and clean the glass to ensure there are no inclusions prior to the application of the film. Patience and good processes are vital to a professional outcome .

We have a saying “ if you feel it is expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”. 

All technicians are trained and certified to install the complete 3M range of films from security through to frosted versions. Attention to detail is a common trait of expert film technicians.

3M solar and security films have long been protecting Gold Coast residents from the damaging effects of the Queensland sun.

For further information on protecting your Gold Coast property with 3M solar and security films drop us a line at Alcom Tint and Security on 5529 9929