3M Security Film Brisbane

Reinforce your glass with 3M Security Film. Security Films cool down your home, boosts security, and looks amazing. We provide window tinting with 3M’s Security Film throughout Brisbane and South East Queensland. This glass film maintains the panel in one piece if smashed. This makes it extremely difficult to penetrate the glass and reduces the impact and risk that shattered glass poses. 3M Security Film also eliminates the need for unattractive bars on your windows.

3m Security FOR YOUR Doors

Provide your sliding and fixed glass door panels with extra security. With 3M Security Film, you can better protect your home against intruders while boosting the aesthetics of your home. The security film can also provide a subtle tint which reduces the glare and brightness in your home while looking amazing, from the inside and the outside. The tint will also cool your home down as it doesn’t allow as much heat to travel through your glass. Our security films makes it extremely difficult to penetrate the glass.

3M Security FOR YOUR Windows

Your sliding or fixed windows are a vulnerable point in your home. Protect them again break-ins effectively with 3M Security Film. It provides you with extra security while looking really good in your home. The security tint option will keep your house cooler in Summer as it has a subtle tint that makes a massive difference. The film will maintain your glass panel in one piece.


Our 3M Solar Film lets in natural light while rejecting heat and UV rays. The benefits of reducing the amount of heat gained through transmission of sunlight include reducing glare, protecting furnishings as well as lowering energy costs. Use 3M Solar Film throughout your home and enjoy the benefits, without compromising on your view.

Completely Secure Your Home WITH ALCOM

Pair your existing security doors and screens with our 3M security films, offering you both complete home security and peace of mind.

Our 3M security film is applied directly to sliding and/or and fixed glass panels making these panels extremely difficult to penetrate.

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